The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    Random people actually read the book…which still continues to surprise me

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | March 24, 2008

    So I was at R&G Lounge in San Francisco Chinatown for a low-key alumni event when these people from another table actually recognized me because they had read my book. They weren’t even Chinese American or my age.

    It was a father and teenage son pair, genetically Indian, from Brownsville, Texas.
    (That’s like essentially Mexico). We had a nice chat about the book, including Mexican Chinese food (which I had to cut from the book).

    I was impressed how much they remembered (both had read it). It’s the first time that someone who read the book actually recognized me. In Boston, a waitress recognized me from Colbert, which is also neat but not the same as someone who read the book. Authors, who are like usually just names, don’t generally have their faces associated with them.

    Then I was at a housewarming party where two people came up to me and said they had just chosen The Fortune Cookie Chronicles for their book club. I told them to email me, I answer any questions. I could even join in on discussing via conference call.

    Their first book? Andrew Morton’s unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise — which they said was actually pretty good.

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