The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

  • #26 on the New York Times Best Seller List
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    There are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendys combined. The Fortune Cookie Chronicles (March 2008 from Twelve Books) is for anyone who has ever wondered who is General Tso and why are we eating his chicken; why Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas; and who really invented the fortune cookie. New York Times reporter, Jennifer 8. Lee, solves enduring mysteries of Chinese cuisine through a mix of in-depth research and entertaining personal anecdotes.

    See below for more information about the author, the editor, the imprint and the agent who are bringing you The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

    (The Book) The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

    (The Author) Jennifer 8. Lee

    (The Editor) Jonathan Karp

    (The Imprint) Twelve

    (The Agent) Larry Weissman

    (The Publicist) Cary Goldstein

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