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  • Archive for April, 2013

    Authentic Indian “Schezwan” Dishes

    Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

      Narayan Venkatasubramanyan (that’s an awesome last name) sent me a link to a popular Indian company called Ching’s Secret, which sells Chinese dishes to prepare at home, including Schezwan dishes. In English we spelled ?? as Szechwan or Szechuan, now Sichuan in pingyin. But in Indian the spelling went a bit awry. As he explains it, When the taste […]

    This Guy Has Eaten in More Chinese Restaurants Than I Have!

    Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

    The Los Angeles Times has a feature on David Chan  (@chandavkl)who has eaten in over 6,000 Chinese restaurants, and has a ginormous Excel spreadsheet to prove it. Though his list starts in 1955, which is decades before spreadsheets were even invented. The coolest part is the time-step map over the years, which plots all the […]