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    14k Fortune Cookie Jewelry (why?)

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | March 23, 2008

    fortune cookie gold necklace jewelrySent to me by a coworker. A Rachel Leigh fortune cookie necklace, which is made of 14k gold, so this is not the cheap costume stuff. (Who is Rachel Leigh, I don’t know, but it’s these kinds of Web sites that make me feel like I should).

    Just goes to prove how iconic fortune cookies are in the United States. I can say with some authority that they are not selling 14k gold fortune cookie jewelry in China or Japan.

    It actually comes with instructions: “Remove the fortune ribbon, tie it near the clasp of the necklace, and make a wish. When the ribbon falls off, your wish will come true.” This is a bit of an odd tradition, nothing to do with fortune cookies (American or Japanese) at all, just this general notion of luck/fortune/three wishes from a genie in a bottle. This is actually a very bad set-up as it seems to set up a perverse incentive for the owner to accidentally tug/pull off the ribbon doesn’t it?

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