The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    General (Tso’s?) Sushi? A reader responds

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | March 22, 2008

    Getting reader emails like these is in part why authors write — to know they have changed how someone looks at the world. The line about whether the General of the sushi is the one of chicken fame or not made me burst out laughing.

    After reading your book, I have to say; I’ll never look at Chinese food the same way again. I was astounded by all of the Chinese foods that are actually American! I loved everything about your adventures in the world of Chinese food.
    I recently went to a Chinese restaurant with my family and was baffled by the amount of American “Chinese” dishes on the menu. I checked if the soy sauce on the table actually contained any soy (it did) and scanned the menu for any tradition Chinese dishes. I was pleasantly surprised to see things like Ox tongue and frog. My family was more or less interested when I started reciting things about the fortune cookies on the table. I found one other thing in this restaurant that surprised me. General’s Sushi. Now, I wasn’t sure if this was the same general of chicken fame or just some dish that needed a name. Thank you for opening my eyes to the true Chinese food and culture. You have changed my view of all cultural foods forever.

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