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    It’s my birthday and all I want to do is sleep

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | March 15, 2008

    I have a  one day respite between New York City publicity (which happens to be my birthday). Dinner tonight with my closest friends and then book tour  starts tomorrow. It goes Washington –> Philly –> Boston –> San Francisco –> Los Angeles –> Seattle –> (Home in NYC for a few days) –> Chicago.

    Put together by the amazing Cary Goldstein. We are getting a good bit of local media, which is what one ideally wants on book tour.

    I’ve gotten quite a number of birthday wishes via Facebook, which I find intriguing. It’s interesting to me all the ways there are to wish someone a happy birthday. Once upon a time there was 1) in person 2) phone call and 3) by card. Starting a few years ago, I started getting message by e-mail, then e-card, then IM, then txt. The newest thing started just last year, this year as Facebook opened itself up to the universe…wall postings. Right now, as of today, I have gotten only one phone call, from my friend Brendan in Chicago, who defiantly does not have a Facebook account.

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