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    Is Super Bowl Sunday a National Patriotic Holiday

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | February 4, 2008

    The Giants win. New York City rejoices.

    I watched the game at the home of my friend Eric (who is throwing my book party). The crowd was heavily mostly Asian/Chinese-Americanish, but the food was totally Super Bowl American –chili, wings, beer, nachoes, dip. When our parents get together, they don’t eat like this.

    In December 2006, I was in Singapore on the hunt for the best Chinese restaurant eating dinner with Shawn Chen, a native Singaporean Chinese guy who observed that Super Bowl was a patriotic American holiday akin to the Fourth of July. In retrospect, seems to be true. Super Bowl Sunday falls behind Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Halloween in national psyche. But it falls ahead of federal holidays of President’s Day, Veterans Day and Columbus Day in American significance. If you don’t watch Super Bowl, you seem vaguely un-American.

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