The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    Available in white in five different sizes.

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | December 25, 2007

    I <3 Jennifer 8. Lee Tshirt from Direct Collection

    My friend, Tim Layman, sent me an e-mail with the subject line “” and the body “Why can you buy ‘I Love Jennifer 8. Lee’ t-shirts from there?”

    I was like, what are you talking about?

    He wrote back: “went on Amazon to look up your book but I searched for “Jennifer 8 Lee” instead of ‘Fortune Cookie Chronicles.’ The third item that came up as a result was a ‘I love Jennifer 8. Lee’ t-shirt. Available in white in 5 different sizes.”

    So I went to Amazon, did a search on my name and at the top of the search — before Fortune Cookie Chronicles — I found the image above, which is clearly not a real t-shirt, just a image of one they could make. (It exists just in the future).

    I tried to poke around and found it is from something called Direct Collection, which apparently makes lots of I <3 T-shirts (hundreds of thousands), the bestselling of which is I Love Judge Judy. Good company?

    My mom, ever Chinese, was like “Did they ask your permission?” I was like, um no.

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