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    Twitter, Wikipedia and Ted.Com are My Largest Referrers

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | April 22, 2009

    I just checked my WordPress logs. Twitter, Wikipedia and TED.Com are by far my most reliable single page referrers to– no Facebook. Google in a way has more refers, but it turns up differently in the logs because the searches are all over the map.

    I’ve actually been surprised how much mileage the video has gotten me. I actually didn’t speak at TED. I spoke at a related event called Taste3 in July, but TED folks recorded my speech and were kind enough to put it up (Jason Wishnow, thank you). I’ve had people who have shown up at book events simply because they saw me on TED. One girl told me she shows TED videos to her dinner guests while she is cooking and has shown mine several times. Another girl at NYU this past weekend called me a “celebrity” because I had been on

    I will say that the video has given me more pop cultural “street cred” than anything except for The Colbert Report.

    So advice to writers: see if you can show up at on!

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