The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    Fortune Cookie Christmas Ornaments! (And a Partridge in a Pear Tree)

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | December 18, 2007

    From Etsy (venue to buy and sell all things homemade), we get porcelain fortune cookies, a set of six ornaments for $30 or a set of 12 non-ornaments for $38, by Yogagoat, aka as Amanda Ryznar.

    Fortune Cookie christmas ornaments

    As Yogagoat describes them:

    Six of my porcelain fortune cookies, wired for hanging on your holiday tree. The wires can be easily removed and replaced with your own hangers, if you don’t like the green wire. That is all they had at my tiny hardware store in town! Cookies are plain, unglazed porcelain, fired to cone 10 (2380 degrees F). They are about the size of real fortune cookies.

    As she explains, she  started making porcelain fortune cookies at a time in her career when she had no idea of what to make at that moment. “I remembered when Mr. Rogers went to tour a fortune cookie factory. (That is why these are being filed under ‘Random’.)”

     Porcelain fortune cookies from Etsy by Amanda

    Random trivia. They are colorless to prevent people (especially small children) from eating them. There are no fortunes inside, because the slips of paper would burn into a crisp inside the kiln. The best part? They come in a Chinese take-out box.

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