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    Jon Karp Leaves Twelve to Head Simon and Schuster

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | June 4, 2010

    My editor Jonathan Karp is leaving Twelve to head Simon and Schuster — which is startling for everyone because Karp is, in many eyes, synonymous Twelve. I remember when my book was being sold, I asked my agent, Well what if he leaves Twelve? (knowing that editors often leave books when they leave houses). But back then, the belief was that he couldn’t leave, because he was the imprint. This is was before it launched.

    Twelve focuses on one book per month, twelve max per year. It only has four full-time employees (plus all the resources at Hachette). Cary Goldstein, the publicist extraordinaire, is staying on. And they are replacing Jon with another editor.

    The news was widely covered in The New York Times (print and blog), The New York Post, Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, among others.

    This is the note that went out to authors and agents involved in Twelve.

    As you may have heard by now, Jon Karp will be leaving Twelve to become the Publisher of Simon & Shuster.  I have loved working with Jon, and wish him well in his new role.  I know you share my admiration, as well as my regret that he will no longer be at the helm of Twelve.  The imprint will remain as one of finest publishing models I have ever seen, and I feel certain that it will continue to thrive as we move forward.  As I have more news to share, I will let you know.  But, for now, I wanted you to read the statement that went out to my Hachette colleagues, and to let you know that I will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have.

    All best,


    Dear Colleagues –

    It is regret that I inform you of Jon Karp’s decision to leave HBG for the role of EVP and Publisher of Simon & Schuster.

    One of the highlights of my career has been watching the creation and evolution of Twelve, and Jon Karp’s impassioned editorial leadership of the imprint.  Twelve was conceived as a platform for virtuoso editing and brilliant publicity and marketing campaigns, with the end result being twelve outstanding books published with great impact each year – evidenced by the fact that more than half of the books published by Twelve have been New York Times bestsellers. Now the editorial baton will be passed, with Jon leaving to join Simon and Schuster, and Twelve will be led by a new publisher (to be announced) who will maintain the high standards while putting his or her own imprint on Twelve’s list.  Cary Goldstein will remain in his pivotal role as Associate Publisher.

    “I will be forever grateful to Jamie Raab for giving me the opportunity to launch Twelve, and to Cary Goldstein for his dedication  on behalf of our authors,” said Jon.  “My five years here have been the happiest ones I’ve had in the publishing business.  Although I regret having to leave behind such stellar authors and colleagues, I am confident that Twelve will continue its remarkable record of success, and I will do whatever I can to ensure a smooth and successful transition.”

    Jon created a unique publishing model and proved that it works.  I have loved working with Jon and I wish him great success in his new role.


    Jamie Raab
    Executive Vice President and Publisher
    Grand Central Publishing

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