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    I’m hibernating because I’m dealing with the copyedit…

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | August 23, 2007

    Dealing with a book opyedit is sort of a strange process if you have never dealt with it before, though good advice can be found on the Internet.

    One thing: you need to buy colored pencils, and not of colors already used, to write responses on the manuscript to the copy editors questions. I bought Crayola erasable colored pencils, then discovered that they were too soft to write precisely in the margins. I realized I neeed to go to an art store for higher quality pencils, but there are no art stores in Harlem. So a friend brought me her set.Other things for your copyediting kit, you need post-it notes, a pencil sharpener (weird trying to dig that up…I haven’t used one of those since art class in high school since it’s now all about the mechanical pencil), and a pad of paper. Also, you need a printer and paper if you are going to make significant rewriting that will not fit in the margins. And if you do inserts, you create pages like page 152a.

    And then you send it back, as a paper document, but make sure to make copies. And they retype it, which to me seems like it would create opportunities for more mistakes. But I am reassured that this is better than converting a document from Word.

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