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  • Archive for August 12th, 2007

    Wakiya NYC Gramercy Restaurant: Review & Reaction

    Sunday, August 12th, 2007

    I’ve visited six continents and 23 countries trying to find the world’s top Chinese restaurants outside of China. Wakiya in New York is not one of them (though it is priced as though it were). This is all the more sad because the original Wakiya restaurant in Tokyo is truly one of the most intriguing […]

    Can you wok the wok? Why Chinese restaurants aren’t dominated by chains

    Sunday, August 12th, 2007

    Chinese food is the largest restaurant segment not dominated by chains  — as opposed to hamburgers, pizza, Mexican and Italian. Big chains like General Mills and Darden have tried and fled with Leann Chins and China Coast. Of the 40,000 Chinese restaurants, the two big exceptions are the  Chinese restaurant chains Panda Express (fastfood) out of Rosemead,  […]