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    Forget Atkins, South Beach, Lemonade Diets. The Ultimate Plan? Moving to China.

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | August 8, 2007

    John Vause of CNN says he has lost 10 pounds in the last several weeks because he is terrified of Chinese food products. As he writes:

    But these days, the joy of anticipation of what the next dish will bring has been replaced with, well, the dread of what the next dish may contain.

    When ordering at restaurants, I wonder: Is that drug-tainted fish and shrimp? Did that pork come from a pig that was force-fed wastewater? Any melamine added to those noodles?

    Those are among some of the recent food scares here. Even drinking a glass of water instills fear: A recent government report found half the bottled watered in this city was counterfeit.
    I was never a particularly brave soul when it came to eating at exotic little restaurants here, but now I am terrified. When traveling across China, that fear goes off the charts. Packing for trips now includes muesli bars made in the United States and imported almonds.

    And then there is the grocery shopping. Everyone else around the world it seems is buying cheap food and other products made in China. Not the Vause house. My wife searches across this city for breakfast cereal made in the United States. We have meat and fish flown in from Australia, milk from New Zealand, and on it goes.

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