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    Is Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine Back?

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | February 23, 2010

    Chowtimes reports that the restaurant I selected as the “Greatest Chinese Restaurant in the World” (which had closed) is re-opening: Sam Lau’s Zen’s Fine Chinese Cuisine in Richmond, near Vancouver, Canada. (Photo above courtesy of their diligent reporting). They were struggling because of the economics for a long time sadly.

    Too bad I just missed it when I passed through Vancouver for the Olympics. But they have a new location:

    120-12480 No.1 Rd Richmond B.C., Canada
    Hours: 5:30-10:30 p.m. Tuesday close
    Email: zenfinechinesecuisine at gmail dot com

    I see they are not shy about advertising their status as Greatest Chinese Restaurant in the World (Outside China). They leave out the “Outside China” part outside the window. And I will say, their food is much better than their choice of fonts.

    So Ben and Suanne of the Chowtimes blog are trying to get a group together for Feb. 26 (this Friday). They are hoping to get 2 to 4 couples to join us for a 5:30 p.m. reservation. Email ben at chowtimes dot com.

    Here is the menu for those who are interested:

    Menu A – $33

    • Salad ~ Micro Mix, Mango Ravioli, Salted Plum Oil Crumble, Seasonal Fruit, Rice Vinegar Foam
    • Baked Whelk ~ Stuff Diced Seafood, Chicken, Vegetables With Coconut Curry
    • Double Boiled Soup
    • Tofu Duo ~ Crispy Egg Tofu, Steamed Silky Tofu with Mushroom
    • Pork Belly ~ Braised In Chinese Spice, Serve With Glutinous Risotto
    • Dessert Of The Day

    Menu B – $55

    • Terrine ~ House Smoked Salmon Wrapped With Souffle
    • Baked Whelk ~ Stuff Diced Seafood, Chicken, Vegetables With Coconut Curry
    • Foamy Seafood Cappuccino ~ Layered With Egg Tofu
    • Lobster ~ Stir Fried With Black Bean Sauce/Steamed Garlic Sauce
    • Deep Fried Crispy Chicken ~ Serve With Five Spice Infused Salt
    • Lotus Leaf Rice ~ Stuff with Dried Scallop, Mushroom, bbq Duck,Diced Chicken, Crab Meat, Bamboo
    • Dessert Of The Day

    Menu C – $120

    • Seafood Duo ~ Curry Stuffed Whelk, Sliced Geoduck Fondue
    • Chinese Seafood Soup ~ With Fresh Crab Meat and Fish Maw
    • Braised Abalone ~ Slow Braised In Oyster Sauce (3 Heads)
    • Steamed Lobster ~ Steamed With Mince Garlic
    • Rice ~ Lobster Claw Stir Egg White, Fried Rice
    • Dessert Of The Day

    By the way, here is my running list of restaurants that were in my chapter of greatest Chinese restaurants.

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