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    Philadelphia WHYY Chef’s Table Interview from April

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | October 26, 2008

    And I should put up the Chef’s Table interview from April 19, 2008 [here’s the audio file]. I actually did the interview when Barack Obama was giving his famous race speech across the street at Constitution Hall. Lots of police.

    Here is the description of the episode.

    Food is all encompassing…how we buy it, store it, celebrate with it. That says a lot about who we are. On today’s show, we’ll look at our relationship to food…from simple bananas to an unusal place to dine where the waiters are visually impaired and you eat in the dark. A cultural psychologist examines how we perceive what’s on our plate and we’ll hear about “The Short History of the American Stomach.” And, if you think you’d like to win the Pillsbury Bake-off contest hear how one woman took the prize. Plus, the fortune cookie chronicles, the perfect recipe for losing weight, and much more.

    This week’s featured recipe:
    Foie Gras and Dumplings with Champagne Dipping Sauce

    This week’s featured books:

    A Short History Of The American Stomach by Frederick Kaufman

    Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures In The World Of Chinese Food by Jennifer 8. Lee

    The Ungarnished Truth: A Cooking Contest Memoir by Ellie Matthew

    The Perfect Recipe For Losing Weight And Eating Great by Pam Anderson

    A World Of Dumplings by Brian Yarvin

    Banana: The Fate Of The Fruit That Changed The World by Dan Koeppel

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