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  • Archive for October 23rd, 2008

    Some people have 8ness thrust upon them.

    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

    I just saw this, and was amused. I am honored to be the subject of an ode. Ode to Jennifer 8. Lee Be not afraid of eightness: some are born eight, some achieve eightness, and some have eightness thrust upon them.

    Feds Bust Gangsters Who Were Shaking Down Chinatown Bus Companies

    Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

    The New York Post, in its bouncy law enforcement prose, reports that the feds have busted a Chinese gang which had been beating Chinatown bus operators. The article says that beginning in 2005, the so-called “Banya Organization” – named after its members’ hometown in China’s “Fuchow region” (which is“Fuzhou” in pin yin) allegedly began targeting […]