The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    Is Fortune Cookie Chronicles a Borders Original Voices Choice?

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | April 6, 2008

    Went to Chicago for a talk at Northwestern in the Chicago area for the Taiwanese students confeence, so (like a diligent little author) I went around to all these Chicago bookstores to sign stock. There were only two of eight copies left at the Evanston Barnes and Noble.

    And then I discovered something surprising. Apparently, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles is a Borders Original Voices, which gives it a nice 20 percent discount (unbeknownst to me). As of two weeks ago in San Francisco, it was not at the Borders in Union Square (though they were also sold out in the front, so maybe it was, and I didn’t know it because the ones in the back did not have the 20% off  sticker).

    Fortune Cookie Chronicles Borders Original Voices 20% Off

    So I did some reading on Nexis. The Original Voices program and the Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers programs are interesting. According to this 1996 New York Times article (pre-Amazon age, read it, it’s quaint), both are part co-op funded promotional programs. The publishers submit titles to be considered for the premium space for pay and the stores then approve or don’t approve.

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