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    Wakiya’s Menu

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | July 25, 2007

    Here is a look at Wakiya’s menu, courtesy of Menupages. The restaurant Web site claims (when are they going to update that thing?) “It will offer a new style of Chinese cooking inspired by the traditional food of Shanghai and Northern China. Currently not available in America, this new genre of Chinese cuisine is rich in imagination and dynamically presented through the eyes of chef, Yuji Wakiya. In fact, the food is so delicately and beautifully presented it’s as if it is painted on the plate!” Glancing through the dishes, sadly, it doesn’t look too much like his Japanese version.


    Here we go (more after the jump)


    Hot Dishes

    Lobster with sweet taoban or black bean sauce $34

    Spicy Crispy Soft Shell Crab    $18

    Crispy Yuba Shrimp             $16

    Creamy Lemon Shrimp $22

    Sea Bass in hot chouten olive oil $28

    Tong Tsu Sea Bass $26

    Pan Seared Whitefish with golden sand $25

    Spicy Fish Lettuce Wrap $25

    Sauteed Shrimp with seasonal vegetables $23

    Wakiya Seafood Toast $16

    Grilled Washu Steak with black pepper sauce $36

    Seared Beef & Vegetable Rolls $28

    Beef with seasonal vegetables (oyster or black bean sauce)  $25

    Peking Duck 4 pcs       $24

    Roasted Crispy Chicken $13

    Sansho Pepper Crusted Chicken $16

    Fried Chicken with chinese ponzu $16

    Chicken Wings $12

    Wakiya Cha Siu $18

    Tong Tsu Pork $18

    Double Sauteed Pork and Cabbage             $18

    Smoked Lamb with black pepper sauce $24

    Spicy Dynamite Tofu             $18

    Vegetarian Peking Duck $24

    Tofu & Chicken Toast $12

    Ma Po Tofu             $21

    Wok Sauteed Vegetables with glass noodles            $14

    Dried Scallops with seasonal vegetables            $15

    Mixed Vegetables with dried shrimp $15

    Sauteed Chinese Bacon and Broccoli  $15

    Sauteed Julienne Potatoes with XO sauce            $14


    Cold Dishes

    Spicy Beef Salad with yuzu dressing   $16

    Washu Beef Carpaccio with black beans $34

    Bang Bang Chicken $15

    Ginger Scallion Chicken $16

    Pork Belly with chili soy $16

    Tofu Pasta Salad  $9

    Layered Spicy Soy Pidan Tofu $14

    Endive Tofu Dip $13

    Mixed Vegetable Salad with sesame dressing $12

    Kurama Sansho Spinach $11

    Chili Soy Celery Sticks $6

    Kabu with mustard dressing            $7

    Chin Shan

    Shrimp $38

    Scallop $34

    Beef     $27

    Vegetables $18

    Fiery Pepper Hunt

    Lobster $36

    Scallop $32

    Chicken $18

    Vegetables $16

    Noodles & Rice

    XO Omelet Fried Rice $14

    House Fried Rice combination, seafood, snow crab, shrimp or vegetable            $12/$14

    Crispy Noodles combination, seafood or vegetable            $14/$15

    Soup Noodles combination, seafood or vegetable            $14      $15

    Shanghainese Fried Noodles             $14

    Tan Tan Noodles $14

    Wakiya Sizzling Rice Crisps $24

    Tofu Pasta Noodle Soup $12


    Seafood Hot & Sour Soup $12

    Mixed Vegetables Soup $8

    Chilled Sweet Corn Soup $6

    Crab Caviar Soup $14

    Crabmeat Egg Drop Soup $10

    Tin Tan Soup             $9

    Dim Sum

    Spring Roll             $8

    Shrimp & Chives Dumpling             $8

    Shrimp Dumpling $8

    Vegetable Dumpling             $7

    Shanghai Soup Dumpling $12

    Chicken & Shrimp Dumpling $7

    Seafood Dumpling             $10

    Spare Ribs with black bean sauce $7

    Shrimp & Pork Yuba Roll $7

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