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    More Culinary Xenophobia? Pat Oliphant’s Chinese Restaurant Cartoon

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | July 25, 2007

    Pat Oliphant’s Chinese Restaurant

    Click to enlarge. Lots of debate in the Asian American circles over this Pat Oliphant cartoon commenting on the recent food issues in China.

    If you can’t tell well enough. It depicts a well-to-do white couple in an alleyway behind the “Inn of the Lucky Happiness Chinese Restaurant” picking through scraps from dumpsters and trash cans for their dinner. The white woman, holding a chicken head, says, “When you suggested eating Chinese this evening, I should have known…” Then, next to Oliphant’s penguin, a tiny Chinese man with a Fu Manchu mustache spurts out, “Confucius say, ‘What FDA Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Them.'”

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