The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

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    Bilingual Fortune Cookies, in Spanish

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | October 24, 2010

    A reader, Diane Woo, sent in bilingual fortune cookies in English/Spanish. She reports that they encountered these at China Won (aka China Wok), 8109 Fayetteville Road.

    We had Chinese carryout the other day and we got our usual fortune cookies with our order. When we opened the cookies and read the  fortunes, we were surprised to find one side written in English and the other side in Spanish.  We have seen signs written in Spanish on public transportation vehicles, in bathroom reminders for employees to wash their hands, and now it seems that it has made its way to fortune cookies.  Is this a new trend that the  Spanish speaking population is now eating more Chinese food?
    The brand of the fortune cookies is HNSTY. She added, “Strange but we have never seen any Spanish people in this restaurant when we go there.”

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