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    李競8 on Wikipedia

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | October 7, 2008

    Jennifer 8. Lee's Chinese Wikipedia Page

    Jennifer 8. Lee

    Today in playing with the link: command in Google search, which reverse looks-up what pages are linking to a particular page (more advanced Google commands), I discovered  have a Chinese Wikipedia page, and my name is translated as 李競8, which is endlessly amusing, as that is my Chinese name 李競, with an 8 appended afterwards.

    If you pump it through Google translator this is what you get.

    Li Jing-8
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Li Jing-8 (Jennifer 8. Lee), writer, New York Times reporter, (March
    15, 1976 -), was born in New York City, by ancestors of Taiwan.

    Li Jing-8 and graduated from Harvard University, Harvard University, a
    former Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and other U.S. media.

    Li Jing-8 well-known in her blog compiled
    and published the book “lucky sign Chronicle cake.”  The article
    reported that the United States in food and cultural roots of the
    truth, such as General Tso Chicken, American-Chinese restaurant chain
    PF Chang and so on.


    * Li Jing-8 blog,
    * “Yes, my name is 8 of the word.” “Yes, 8 is my middle name.” Boston Globe. August 8, 1996, page E1.

    Li Jing is an 8 on the U.S. citizenship of the United States or
    American writer, poet, writer, and other characters of small works.
    You can edit or amend the expansion of its contents.

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