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    WONTONT Lust?

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | July 29, 2008

    I got this funny wonton  story over e-mail:

    I just moved to a new place, and as part of my move, I had to pick a new phone number. So of course, being the kind of person I am, I spend 3 hours last week when I should have been unpacking a) doing research into what the local exchanges are, b) writing a program to generate all possible seven letter phone-words that start with the relevant digits, c) going to the web for each word so I could sort them in frequency order, and d) looking through the list for words I would like to be my phone number. I ended up with a list of a good dozen words, including WHISKER, MADNESS, and ALFALFA. When I called the phone company, I had them check all 12 numbers. Only one of them was free, but I was like: great, I’ll take it! Thus it was I got the phone number WONTONS.

    But then looking it over afterwards, I realized there was a bug in my program, so I didn’t get WONTONS at all! Instead, I got WONTONT.

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