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    Story #3 on the Baghdad Chinese restaurant, this time by ABC

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | January 29, 2008

    Baghdad Chinese restaurant in January 2008

    Yet another story on the Baghdad Chinese restaurant (really, people love Chinese restaurants), this time a Reporter’s Notebook by Hilary Brown of ABC. This restaurant will soon be the most covered restaurant in all of Baghdad

    My favorite excerpts:

    There’s no menu so I had the bright idea of calling ABC’s Beijing bureau to find out what it could serve me. I passed the phone to Wu, who was wearing a black-leather bomber jacket.

    A stream of rapid-fire Mandarin Chinese poured out of him. In spite of years of experience eating in Chinese restaurants around the world, I didn’t recognize a single word, not even chow mein, won ton or sichuan.

    ABC’s Beijing producer, Chito Romana, translated. Basically he had chicken and carrots, fried rice, mutton meatballs and dumplings.

    She ordered the dumplings and received dumplings, the size of croissants, filled with mutton in place of pork, since it is understood that this is a Muslim country where pork is forbidden. Along with mutton meatballs and a plate of chicken and carrots, the bill was 1,000 dinars, which is less than 50 cents.

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