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    Happy two-oh-oh-eight!

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | January 3, 2008

    2008 on television New Years 2008

    It’s 2008. For New Year’s I went to my friends’ apartment where one of my closest friends and his partner cooked lovely food they had learned from a cooking class: garlic shrimp, gingerbread cake, sherry mushrooms, lamb and beef and almond meatballs. (So much progress from the Rice-a-roni style boiled frozen veggies and breaded fish of yore my friend cooked when we were in college). I think it’s interesting that no matter what people are doing, they turn on the television to Times Square around midnight. So it’s like the entire East Coast is partying together (What do Central and Mountain time people do) As the number 2008! flashed repeatedly on the screen, I realized that I had been waiting for this year longer than any other year since college graduation (which itself was a number in flux.)

    When I signed the book contract at the end of 2005, 2008 seemed so so far away. And now it’s here.

    People often ask, “What’s it like writing a book?”

    My response: It’s like being pregnant for three years, and in labor for like six months. And then it’s like the thing goes into neonatal care, because you can’t hold the product of your efforts.

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