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    Maybe she really really liked their crispy shredded beef?

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | November 29, 2007

    A British millionaireness who died and left her $20 million fortune to her favorite Chinese restaurant owners is now having her will challenged in court by her surviving relatives.

    Golda “Goldie” Bechal died aged 89 in January 2004, leaving the bulk of her estate to her friends Kim Sing Man and his wife Bee Lian Man. But five nephews and nieces claim the old lady was suffering from serious dementia and “lacked testamentory capacity” when she made her will. They also said the Man family had arrived on the scene in the 1990s.

    But the judge was shown a photograph album showing Ms. Bechal at the opening of the Man family restaurant in 1969, and subsequent photos of holidays and family gatherings.

    In testimony, Mr. Man said s. Bechal “always enjoyed her Chinese pickled leeks and bean sprouts, which I bought for her.”

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