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    I’ve booked my first public reading with the Geography of Bliss

    By Jennifer 8. Lee | November 14, 2007

    Eric Weiner and I will be doing a joint public reading at KGB Bar, an East Village establishment where people can indulge in spirits and literature at 85 East 4th Street, tenatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 11. (Tuesdays apparently is their non-fiction night). Eric’s book, The Geography of Bliss, is the January book on Twelve list (so two before mine). And its’ really quite spectacular and fun. A self-described grump (his last name really is pronounced like “whiner”) who has covered a whole bunch of wars and conflicts for NPR, Eric decides he is instead going to go visit the world’s happiest places and learn their secrets. The reason I liked it is that while there have been a whole spate of Happiness books in the last year or two, they are generally recycling a lot of the same research. His is new, because it takes some of the known academic research and interweaves it with random funny David Sedaris-like travelogue and insightful punchiness. Definitely recommended. I actually gave away my galley copy to a friend who was going overseas to study, and then tried to hunt down another copy again for myself since Cary Goldstein, our publicist, wouldn’t give me another one from his stash. He said that I would thank him when he was that fiercely protective of my galleys.

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